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Full text of "Grenfell Fire Response News, Issue 34, August 7, 2017"

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5 August 2017 
Issue No: 34 

Grenfell Fire 
Response News 

Consultation on Inquiry Terms 
of Reference is now closed 

The consultation on the Terms of Reference for the Grenfell Tower 
Inquiry closed yesterday, Friday 4 August. 

The consultation opened on Wednesday 5 July so that people could 
submit views on what the Inquiry should cover. Following feedback from 
residents, the deadline was extended to ensure people had enough time 
to make submissions. 

The Chair of the Inquiry, Sir Martin Moore-Bick, will analyse all responses 
received, including feedback given at public meetings, which will help draft 
the recommended Terms of Reference. This will be then sent to the 
Prime Minister to set the scope of the Inquiry. 

Sir Martin said “I am determined to establish the causes of the tragedy, 
and ensure that the appropriate lessons are learnt. To do this, the Inquiry 
will need to examine all relevant circumstances leading up to and 
surrounding the fire at Grenfell Tower, in order to understand its causes 
and prevent such a tragedy ever happening again.” 

Public meeting at Notting Hill 
Methodist Church 

The next community public meeting will take place on Wednesday 
9 August, from 6pm to 7.30pm at Notting Hill Methodist Church, 
240 Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, W11 4AH. 

The session will aim to provide: 

• an update from Response Team representatives 

• a face-to-face question and answer session 

• guidance on information and support available. 

Meetings are open to the public, so please do come along or invite 
people from the Lancaster West estate who you think would like 
to attend. 

If you have suggestions of any issues you would like to see addressed 
at the meeting, please contact community engagement® 


1 Consultation on Inquiry 
Terms of Reference 
now closed 

1 Public meeting taking 
place next week 

2 Operation Cup of Tea at 
Portobello Market 

2 Free summer drop-in 

2 Gas leak at Testerton Walk 

2 Activities for young 
people this summer 

3 Public health advice 
available at The Curve 

3 Mental health support 

4 Flousing update 

4 Extra police officers to 
support the community 

What is this newsletter for? 

This is the thirty-fourth edition 
of the Grenfell Fire Response 
Team newsletter. We want to 
keep you up to date with all 
the latest information and 
services available to help. 

The newsletter is also available 
in Arabic and Farsi languages. 
For regular updates please follow 
us on Twitter @grenfellsupport 

and on Facebook at facebook. 
com/grenfellsupport or visit 

Grenfell Fire Response News 

5 August 2017 

Operation Cup of Tea at 
Portobello Market 

Local community organisations are holding a regular stall at Portobello 
Market where local residents can drop by, enjoy a free cup of tea and 
have a chat. Different local organisations will be managing the stall each 
week to offer support and give up-to-date information on local services 
and activities. 

The stall is open every Friday from 11 am to 3pm in Tavistock Square, 
off Portobello Road, W11 IAN. 

People can find out more online at 

Free summer drop-in sessions from 
West London Action for Children 

West London Action for Children will be offering free drop-in sessions on 
Wednesday 9, 16 and 23 August, 10am to 12 midday, at 15 Gertrude 
Street, SW10 OJN for families and young people whose lives have been 
affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. 

Counsellors will be there to listen and offer specialist counselling support 
for children, young people and their families, and people can ask to see 
a counsellor privately. 

Refreshments and lunch will be provided, and interpreters can also 
be provided if one is needed. 

For more information, please call 020 7352 1155 or visit 

Gas leak at 
Testerton Walk 

A gas leak has been detected 
in the supply to Testerton 
Walk and has been isolated 
by the National Grid following 
an inspection in the area. 

Work to fix the leak is now 
underway, and affected residents 
have been informed with a letter. 
Cooking facilities in Testerton 
Walk will be affected for a 
number of days, however hot 
water, electricity and heating 
are still working. 

So far, 29 electric hobs have 
been given to households so that 
they can continue cooking. More 
electric hobs and microwaves 
are also available if needed. 

If people living at Testerton Walk 
have had any issues as a result 
of the gas leak, please call 

020 7361 3008 to speak to 
an advisor. 

Activities for children and young people this summer 

There are a range of activities planned to support parents in the local community to entertain children 
and young people during the summer holidays. 

Summer programme 
of activities 

The Westway Sports centre has 
teamed up with arts group ACAVA 
and Everyone Active to offer a 
programme of free activities for 
local children and young people 
over the summer holidays. 

Young people up to 12 years old 
can enjoy sports, activities, arts 
and crafts, wildlife adventures 
and playschemes. There is also 
a creche and a centre for parents. 

People can find out more on 
the activities available online at 

www. westway. org/su m m erf u n 

Outdoor summer 
holiday activities 

The Ecology Centre in Holland 
Park, W8 6LU, is running outdoor 
summer holiday activities for 
young people aged 4 to 12 until 
1 September so that children 
can have fun and learn about 
animals and nature. Please note 
that children under eight must 
be accompanied by an adult. 

To book or for further information 
or call the Ecology Centre on 

020 7938 8186 or email 

Drop-in and play football 

QPR, Westway Sports Centre, 
and other local organisations are 
providing a free drop-in and play 
football programme for 4 to 18 year 
olds from the local community. 

Sessions are taking place Monday 
to Friday, 10am to 4pm at the 
Westway Sports Centre and the 
programme is being delivered by 
professional DBS qualified staff. 

More information on events 
and activities throughout the 
summer can be found online 


Grenfell Fire Response News 

5 August 2017 

Public health advice available at the Curve 

Next week, from Monday 7 August, 
members of Public Health England 
(PHE) will be at the Grenfell 
Assistance Centre at The Curve 
to provide health information and 
advice to those affected by the 
Grenfell Tower fire. 

The sessions will be an opportunity 
for you to ask questions and 
discuss any health concerns 
you may have. 

Sessions will be taking place at 
The Curve on the following days: 

• Monday 7 August, 

midday to 2pm 

• Wednesday 9 August, 

midday to 2pm 

• Friday 11 August, 

2pm to 4pm 

Those who have been exposed 
to smoke from the fire may have 
experienced irritation to their air 
passages, skin and eyes, which 
can cause coughing and wheezing, 
breathlessness and chest pain. 

PHE is unable to give personal 
medical advice, so if people 
continue to experience these 
symptoms, they should seek 
medical advice from your GP 
or by call NHS 111. 

If people don’t have a GP, they 
can register for one online at by entering their 
postcode, or call 020 8962 4600. 
The line is open from 9am to 5pm, 
Monday to Friday. 

People can also ring NHS 111 for 
health advice 24 hours a day, seven 
days a week. 

If people have waste material 
or debris from the fire at their 
property, they can contact 
Kensington and Chelsea Council 

on 020 7361 3001 to make 
arrangements to collect it. 

Air quality reports with data 
collected from around the site 
is published online every week. 
More advice from PHE can be 
found online at 

Mental health support 

There are lots of services available if you or an adult or young person you know is feeling traumatised 
by the Grenfell Tower fire. 

Support for adults and young 
people over the phone 

• If you require an urgent mental 
health response for yourself, 

or on behalf of a young person, 
you can call the NHS 24-hour 
support line on 0800 0234 650 
or email 
Please let the operator know 
you are calling as a result of 
the Grenfell Tower fire. 

• The British Red Cross helpline is 
also available to anyone affected 
by the Grenfell Tower fire. For 
practical or emotional support 
you can call 0800 458 9472. 

The line is open from 9am to 
5pm, Monday to Friday. 

• Adults and young people 

can also call the free Samaritans 
helpline on 116 123. The line 
is open 24 hours a day. 

• People under 25 can call Childline 
anytime on 0800 11 11 and 
have a one-to-one chat with a 
supportive, trained counsellor 
any time, day or night. 

• CALM offers support to men, 
who can call the confidential 
helpline on 0808 802 58 58 

or visit 

The line is open every day from 
5pm to 12 midnight 

Read our leaflet on 
supporting children and 
young people 

If you have questions about 
how to support a child or young 
person affected by the Grenfell 
Tower fire, you can download 
a leaflet that includes: 

• Guidance on how a child might 
behave or react after a tragic event 

• Ideas for how to support them 

• Advice on explaining to a child 
what happened. 

You can download a copy of the 
leaflet at 

Support for children with 
disabilities and learning 

• Full of Life Kensington and 
Chelsea is providing outreach 
counselling to parents of children 
with disabilities. A programme 
of short breaks is being put in 
place for the Summer. 


for more information. 


Grenfell Fire Response News 

5 August 2017 

What help is 
on offer? 

Anyone who would like to speak 
to the police in relation to the 
investigation into the fire are 
asked to contact the Met Police 

on 0800 032 4539. 

Other important contacts 

Bereavement support 

Call the Freephone helpline 

on 0808 808 1677 or email The 

line is open 24 hours a day. 

Replacement UK passports, 
visas or immigration queries 

Call our advice line on 

0300 222 0000. The line 
is open 24 hours. 

Air quality and smoke exposure 

If you have concerns about 
any symptoms, please see 
your doctor or call NFIS 111. 

Housing support 

If you have any questions about 
housing or want to find out who 
your housing officer is please 
call 0800 137 111 or 020 7361 

Victim support 

Call 0808 1689 111 for practical 
and emotional support, or visit The line 
is open 24 hours a day. 

You can also get physical and 
mental support at the Grenfell 
Assistance Centre. Find out 
more by calling 07712 231 133. 

You can also call the Red Cross 
helpline on 0800 458 9472. 

The line is open from 9am to 5pm, 
Monday to Friday. 

For regular updates please 
follow us on Twitter at 

@grenfellsupport and on 
Facebook at 
grenfellsupport, or visit 

Housing update 

Finding housing solutions that work for everyone directly affected 
by the Grenfell Tower fire remains our absolute priority and we are 
working hard to achieve this. 

Offers of temporary accommodation are being made on a daily basis, 
but we know that families will have concerns around this process 
and the idea of accepting a temporary home. So far, 175 offers 
of accommodation have been made, 47 offers have been accepted 
and 13 households rehoused. 

Government has given commitments to help reassure families that: 

• their needs are paramount, 
all other considerations are 
secondary to these 

• their rent will not increase and 
the same terms and conditions 
of their previous home at Grenfell 
Tower or Grenfell Walk will be 

• they will have lifetime security 
of tenure 

• they will not be forced to stay 
in temporary accommodation 
on a long-term basis 

• accepting an offer of temporary 
accommodation does not mean 
that they lose priority for a 
permanent home 

• no one has to accept a 
particular property and not 
accepting a property does not 
mean that they will be made 
intentionally homeless 

• temporary homes will be rent 
and utility bill free for 12 months 

• for some cases, if they like their 
temporary home, there is the 
potential for it to become their 
permanent home (this will be 
discussed when the home is 
offered to them). 

More information is available on the 
housing line on 020 7361 3008. 

Extra police officers appointed 
to support the local community 

The Metropolitan Police have appointed additional neighbourhood 
police officers that have been permanently stationed in the Notting Dale 
Ward to provide extra help to the local community. 

The team is led by Sergeant Jason May and includes PC Fetahi, PC 
Vincent, PC Swain, PC Joyce, PC Chasikowska, PC Wall and PC Curtis. 

The officers have been stationed to assist the existing officers, PC John 
Turner and PC Fred Pintaldi, to visit households, provide support and 
offer assistance to those who still need help or are not aware of services 
available to them. 

The officers will be working seven days a week to help the community 
and make sure that the needs of people are met, so people are 
encouraged to talk to and contact the officers af any time. 

For more information, please call 07407 491 610 or 020 8721 3028. 
People can also find out more online at